International Partnerships


Global Learning and International Partnerships

Beginning in 2012

Welcoming visitors

We have welcomed many International visitors to Marton

We began our international work in 2012

A formal link with Fair Isle School

In Autumn 2012, Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School: our partner secondary, timetabled Chinese exchange teacher Wang Liming from Tangshan, to teach Mandarin and Chinese culture to key stage 2 classes.

Summer Term of 2013

5 more links around the globe

During the Summer Term of 2013, Sapphire Class established links with 5 schools from around the globe. Sapphire Class had embarked upon a topic theme of China, shortly after developing their garden on very poor soil. Determined to understand better the challenges faced by different climates, the children sent a questionnaire to the International School Partnerships Expert and British Council Ambassador for the East Midlands, Chris Williams.

Over a period of 3 weeks, Sapphire Class received communications on school gardening from the Dr. Francisco Sanches School in Braga, Portugal; letters about fruit, vegetables and favourite recipes from pupils at Tangshan Lubei Experimental Foriegn Language School in China; photographs, a presentation and questionnaire replies from Anastasia Popescu School, Bucharest in Romania; photographs and messages from the St-Ouen-Des-Toits’ Primary School in Nantes, North-West France; as well as photographs and letters from Lacroix School in Guadaloupe.

Thank you to the Children of Anastasia Popescu School, Bucharest, Romania for their presentation below:

Thank you to the pupils of Dr. Francisco Sanches School in Braga for their presentation below.